Sarah’s career has been centered in the Napa Valley, where she has been cooking for wineries and private wine-and-food-industry clients for over 25 years. In addition to her culinary skills, she brings to the table a profound understanding of how wine and food interact. Her ability to create consistently successful wine and food experiences has been honed by working closely with masters of wine, vintners and chefs from all over the world, and by the in-depth experience she gained from cooking, tasting and balancing food to complement the wines served in a large winery’s public dining room for well over a decade.

Sarah spent many years around tables with vintners and chefs, tasting and helping create the early California “rules” of wine and food pairing—but as time went on she discovered that the results weren’t always consistent, that too often delicious foods could destroy rather than highlight the flavors of otherwise delicious wines. Today,  happily liberated from those old rules, she has developed the simple art of balancing the flavors in every dish to allow wines to taste their best.
Sarah cooks for wineries and select private clients, for whom she provides wine and food experiences on an intimate scale. Each menu is created individually, based on the wines, the season and the occasion.

Her expertise combines the ingredients of  Northern California’s wine country and the classic techniques of French, Italian and  Mediterranean cooking. She also stirs her full-flavored Southern upbringing into the mix—and always cooks with the wine in mind.